Create a simple meeting site - List of meetings, agenda & document library


I'm trying to create a really simple meeting site, that is fairly intuitive how to manage, I've seen various different parts within SharePoint that will help me do this, but need a bit of help plugging them all together.


Meeting Pages - I want to create a single page that lists all the upcoming meetings, this is fairly straight forward using a calendar list and the Events webpart. Unfortunately the events page is very limited so doesn't really show much.


I was then looking to have a single page per each meeting, this would mainly include two things an agenda list and a document library specifically related to this meeting. Again creating a simple page is easy, and adding document libraries and agenda lists is easy, the challenge is filtering the document library and list, there isn't a way to dynamically filter them using the page properties, we'd need to create a filter for each meeting instead of them being filtered dynamically.


Would appreciate any ideas, how to do this, I'm assuming it should be something fairly straight forward but struggling to bolt together

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