Copy to from OneDrive to SharePoint site error.

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I am hoping someone has the answer as this may be a very specific situation.  I have tried a general web search and a search on this forum with no luck.  Here is the situation:


There is a root SharePoint Online site which we will call root1.

There is a subsite of root1, we will call subsite1.

In subsite1 there is a document library which we will call documentlibrary1.

User1 has edit permissions to subsite1.

User1 has edit permissions to documentlibrary1.

Both of these permissions are given through the subsite1 group that has edit permission.  The subsite1 group was added to have edit permissions to both subsite1 and documentlibrary1.

User1 has no permissions to root1.


When user tries to copy from their OneDrive to documentlibrary1 (or really any document library on subsite1) they receive the error "something went wrong."


The error will go away if I give User1 edit permissions to root1.  


I am trying to avoid giving any permissions to the root1 site though.  



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