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Let's say that I have a working and complete site in A environment. Then because the company I'm working at, decides to change the A environment to B environment with totally new microsoft account, can the working site in A environment be a template or anything to ensure that I don't need to create the site from scratch when I use the account in B environment?

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When you say A environment and B environment, do you mean different sites in the same tenant or is this a completely seperate M365 tenant hosting B environment?

You can use PnP PowerShell to create a site template

Another approach is to use a migration tool to migrate between tenants. This will copy the site structure and content. These tools can be expensive if the job is small.

@Steve KnutsonLet's say both situations. I'm considering every single possible scenario. So from that link, both situations can be satisfied from it? and what is the migration tool?

In tenant to tenant migration scenarios you are best to use a migration tool in most cases. If it is SharePoint / Teams migration then ShareGate is great. There are other tools from AvePoint and Metalogics that can also help with these types of migrations.

@Steve Knutson If I copy the template, can all the flows and integrated forms using Power Apps, be copied as well?

Sorry, I just saw this reply. Migration tools usually migrate content and structure but things like Power Automate Flows and Custom Forms don't migrate. This may be possible but I haven't seen it featured in a tool.
Okay, thank you