Copy from Excel to existing SharePoint list

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I have a SharePoint list that I would like users to be able to update in bulk from an Excel document. I am aware that this can be done with the Internet Explorer browser only. With Internet Explorer going end of life in August I was looking for what other options I have to easily bulk copy and paste from Excel to the SharePoint list via Quick Edit.


In my research, I read some suggestions to add the IE tab to Google Chrome. This is maybe a workaround but not ideal.


Any other options out there that I am missing?

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HI there
Were you able to find any resolution on this? I am having the same issue as well

@JCBarte @MagicMarker it works on Chrome as well but often takes 2 or 3 goes for it to paste in each row rather than putting everything into the first grid cell. I only use Chrome and do this regularly.


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