Connect to Calendar on Mac Outlook and Sharepoint Grayed Out

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I am trying to create a company calendar, and it shares fine with Windows machines, but when a Mac tries to connect to the calendar and add it to Outlook it's grayed out. I've tried through online on the Sharepoint Calendar page and I've tried emailing the calendar, but it's grayed out in both places.

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The calendar sync requires IE so it's PC only so it won't activate for mac users. I don't even think Mac Outlook supports opening SharePoint calendars. There is a uservoice for that integration:

If you are using a Modern Office 365 Group, verses a SharePoint Calendar you should be able to view that calendar in Outlook online, or the Outlook client (MAC). You'll also get some other great team collaboration tools like a Group OneNote notebook, and a Planner. You'll still have a Team site for your group files. Your post was from a while ago, so you may have found a workable solution, but I thought I would post in case others search for this same issue. What do you get with Office 365 Groups? You'll have an option to opt-in or opt-out members from calendar notifications when you create your group. 

@Daniel St. Hilaire Hi Daniel, thank you for your post / information. I can't believe, it is still not possible to connect to a Sharepoint calendar from within outlook, outlook online or even calendar in macOS Ventura / Monterey. 

Is this kind of a religious war against non-windows users or is this really based on technical reason?

Do you have any insight or a hint I can follow to solve this quest?


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