Confusing Currency Icons on Display Form on Currency Fields in List on SharePoint Online

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How do I make this "dollar euro" icon go away, or change it into a "dollar" icon?




My boss is confused. "What is this dollar euro thing?" he wants to know. My users are confused "Do I enter dollars or euros?" they wonder. I'm confused "is there a Yen-Euro icon...a Peso-Rial icon...triple currency icons, quads?" What can I do here to restore order to my universe?


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@JeffAtOIG that's the default symbol on a SharePoint form to denote a currency type column, and on a form you'll see the symbols that are used for the other types of columns. You see these symbols on both the standard SharePoint form and a form customised with JSON. Your users just enter the amount in the currency you are using for that item. You could build a Power Apps-customised SharePoint form and that wouldn't have the symbols. 


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As mentioned by @Rob_Elliott, the sign is SharePoint default sign for "Currency" type of column and you cannot remove it using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.


So, you can try using the "Number" type column with the settings like this: 

ganeshsanap_0-1708171683767.pngOutput - on the list form: 

ganeshsanap_1-1708171868884.pngYou can even use "Custom" prefix (L) or suffix (R) for number columns if you want.

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