Conditional Formatting Based off Number of Characters

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I am trying to create some basic conditional formatting based off of a initial character string. If trimmed character sting equals 12 characters I would like the cell to remain without formatting. If the string does not equal 12 characters I'd like the cell to be highlighted in Red.


Case number in this instance is a calculated filed based off the first space 

=LEFT([Title],(FIND(" ",[Title],1)-1))


I'm using indexOf to perform my count operator as described here:

String length detection trick to extend your column and view formatting options - YouTube


Here are the different examples that I've tried but, I'm not entirely sure why the output comes out incorrectly!


Equals 12






Not Equal 12






Greater than 12






Less than 12






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@JohnSena I'm an idiot. I had my number in '' which made it a string not a number.