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I need to create a Choice selection in a standard form of a SharePoint list, which, depending on the selection in another Choice selection, will have the option to edit or read-only.

This is a scenario:
Choice A:
option 1
option 2

Choise B (multi-select):
option 11
option 22

If A option 1 is selected, then Choice B is in edit mode (you can select options)

if A option 2 is selected, we will display Choice B in Read-only mode

is it possible?
I can't use Power-Apps

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@Arturro1565 I suggest you use JSON formatting to make the Choice B column visible or hidden in the form rather than making it read only. In the list click the + New button. When the form opens click the pen & paper icon in the top right and select Edit columns. Click the 3 dots next to your ChoiceB column and select Edit conditional formula. A window will open  and you enter your conditional formula as =if([$ChoiceA]== '1', 'true', 'false') then click the save button then the save in the Edit columns panel.


Then whenever you select option 1 the ChoiceB column will be displayed, otherwise it will be hidden. And it will automatically be displayed or hidden if you change the ChoiceA option.


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thank you for the advice, but our client knows what he wants :)
options must be visible
we know how to hide conditionally, but this time this solution is out of the question

As you can't use Power Apps then I don't think what your client wants is possible.