changing url for /teams to /sites

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I have many /sites which uses the URL I now require for many communication sites. I am struggling how I can use the URL as its currently being used for a team site.


i.e /sites/IT - I want to change that to /teams/IT so that I can have a communication site addressed /sites/IT.


Any ideas how I can do this ?

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You can change that in the SharePoint admin center under Settings and Site creation, if that's what you're asking.



I am aware of the setting under site creation but that is for new sites.

I have 120 existing sites which have the managed path /sites and they should be /teams how can I change this ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I have set up under site creating for new sites to be set up as /teams and for comms sites to be /sites.





Anyone able to offer help on this Priya's question? I have the same question.