Cannot check in multiple files in Modern Experience

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We have upgraded our libraries to the Modern Experience interface, but have discovered that we can now only check in files one at a time.  Very often, we find ourselves needing to check in multiple files.  We are needing to revert to Classic View because of this.  Is this a bug / oversight that can be reinstated in the Modern View?

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Hi @Adrienne Kidd,


I noticed the same yesterday when one of my customers had to checkin many files in a Style Library that were copied from dev to test.


I would hope that this feature does get included soon.

FYI, Mirosoft has disclosed at Ignite Attentons Views that are suppose to help on scenarios like this

If Microsoft SharePoint was a automobile producer, they would have been out of business a long time ago.  It's amazes me to no end how they release/upgrade new features and "oops" forget to include important things from the old features.  I mean, how hard is it to figure out that "bulk check in" of documents might be important to users.  Geez!!!!  It would be like getting a brand new car with upgraded faster door lock remotes, but the engineers forgot to put a handle on the door so the driver could actually pull on it to open it after they unlocked it.  "thanks for your input. . . we will consider putting handles on the doors during the next release."

I'm thinking Microsoft SharePoint online engineers. . . the people responsible for developing new features, are actually middle-schoolers with a little bit of code knowledge. 

User Adoption for SharePoint be DAMNED!!!  

Wondering if we can get on Microsoft's Payroll for the hours we spend trying to figure out what's been forgotten from old releases when new releases are released.  Our Users are frustrated!!

They don't even know it's missing it would seem:


This post should get some more attention imo. 

@Adrienne Kidd Here we are 5 years beyond your post and I still don't see this option.