Can the open in application be for only certain libraries?


Been searching all over the net and coming across some questions that I simply cannot find answers to and hoping someone can help....

To keep them straight I will post each individually, so if it is solved it can be marked as such and not stop help on the others.

- Question - Know we can default the entire site to open files in the application (I.E. excel, etc), but is there a way to limit that for individual libraries?  Some who will be using the site have full computers with everything on them, but some will not and therefore the web based may be the only way for them to view files.

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@AOSPWB for each library go to Library Settings -> Advanced Settings and there you can select whether to open documents in the client application or the browser.


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Thank you! seems simple but could not find. Wish all computers had everything but "just in case" each department (aka library) can put it in for their needs.