Can't save draft

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When I try to save the draft I get the error "changes not saved" "please add a page title to continue"

This is a new Sharepoint page that I just started to build but I have added the title to the web part and the Ttitle area so I don't understand the error message.

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Is this still occurring? Can you provide a screenshot of your SharePoint page when you get the error?

@Kelly_Edinger  I have the same. Here's a screenshot. I cannot seem to find a spot to put a page title in.  The headers of my page are also not viewable anymore.sharepint.png

hi @TrevorLD - on your screenshot it looks like the Find menu is open and the browser is cycling through items. Are you able to close that pop up window?

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@Kelly_Edinger  thanks Kelly. I ended up refreshing the screen and recreating the page components. The problem didn't pop up again.