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Good Afternoon


I have to add complexity to a staff list I'm keeping as there's a another company in the mix now.

I used to have a display "Active" that simply showed everybody with the Status Active or Future. Now I also want to limit that view to just one company.


I've added a helper column but whatever I try, it doesn't work.

AND(OR(Status="Active",Status="Future"),Company="SHS" - results in Yes or No displayed in the list as intended. But if I filter by Yes, Sharepoint indicates it filters to 1 but nothing shows.


If I try to change the formula to an IF formula to give me a better way to filter, 


will only display FALSE. Despite the condition essentially is the same as above, suddenly the result is totally different.


  • Trying to filter on the first formula result doesn't work, i.e. doesn't display content
  • Using this formula within another formula also doesn't work

Where is the logic here? Any alternative suggestions?


Thanks, Christine

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Hi @Amapola67 


is there any reason you can't create/modify the view and apply filter conditions in the view itself to apply your filter rules instead of depending on a calculated field?

See Create or modify a filtered view based on column indexes chapter in this article 




I need 3 filters and a view is limited to 2. Which means I need a helper column.


I've worked it out, the formula was incorrect. The -1 is not required.



This works:


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Hi @Amapola67


if you found the solution, perfect. But as it concerns to lists views, you can have a large number of filters applied.
You can set them on the "modern view" or you can go to the list settings > edit the view > filters option.






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I never noticed that before! Thank you!