[BUG] mega menu changes not showing for other site members




We have a hub site with a dozen joined sites. Whenever someone of the site owners makes a change in the mega menu, that change is not visible to other team members. It looks like they have a mega menu in their browser cache and it is not getting refreshed. 


This is not about propagating the changes to the joined site. The problem occurs on the hub site itself. If I add or move a mega menu item, my team member won't see the change. I made the change two days ago. In the mean time, my coworkers have restarted their browsers and/or computers several times. 


Someone with Edit access to the menu can edit it and see the changes, but someone who doesn't have edit permissions is stuck with a week old version. 


What do non-editors need to do to see the changes in the mega menu?


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Could it be that the site creator has a different preferred Display Language in his/her SharePoint User Profile compared to the 'team members'? To me this looks very similar to an issue I encountered earlier where navigation links or the site title changes would not reflect to other users. Which led me to the fact that my admin account preferred display language was set to English, and the end users were set to Dutch.
Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not aware of any language settings, since all our systems are English by default. We don't speak anything else.
Hi, we currently encounter the same problem. Did you find the solution?
We have and are experiencing this problem on all european tenants. I am aware of the browser display language issue but this problem is also happening when the "other languages" are disabled from sharepoint site settings and when users are using the same display language on their profile and browser when editing. Other users see the changes in few hours (or days) and others do not see the changes at all. I am totally considering this as bug.

@Ingeborg Hawighorst This is currently happening on our tenant, any fix you found ? thanks

This continues to be a problem in North America.

I have made changes to our intranet Mega Menu. In the meeting where I'm making this change, I ask the attendees to refresh the home page and try the new link Every attendee clicked on the link and were sent to the old location.

I asked everyone to do a hard-refresh on the browser and saw similar results. Unfortunately, there just wasn't time for me to walk them all through clearing their cache (very non-technical audience), so the only thing I could tell them was that it would resolve over time.

I can report that this *isn't* very impressive to department-level stakeholders.