AWS S3 files to SharePoint

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How to migrate AWS files to SharePoint I saw on the internet but can see this option on the website. How do you migrate your AWS files to SharePoint fast?





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Migration Manager, it does not currently support migration from Amazon S3 to SharePoint… as far as knowing.


One way to migrate your files from Amazon S3 to SharePoint is to do it manually. 

You can download the files from your Amazon S3 bucket to your local device and then upload them to SharePoint. This approach works well if you only need to migrate a few files.


Another option is to use a third-party cloud-to-cloud migration tool such as MultCloud. 

With MultCloud, you can easily transfer files from Amazon S3 to SharePoint by selecting Amazon S3 as the source and your SharePoint document library as the destination.



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Hope its helps!

You tried MultCloud itself? Any tips and review about it?
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No, I didn't need it myself, but I came across it very often in my research in terms of function and recommendation.
But like I said, it's just a suggestion with no guarantee :).
Otherwise I can't suggest any other solution.
I wish you every success.