Are there any scanning tools/scripts to scan SPO sites for SEO?

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Just wanted to see if there are any kind of tools out there that would allow us to scan every site within a SPO environment that could show all pages/sites along with any broken links within the environment?  Is it possible to use Screaming Frog somehow?

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Yes and no, So there's no tool where you can scan the whole environment att get all deadlinks etc But there's other ways to solve it

1. Is to use Powershell and built a script that goes through all site collections, tests each link and see's if it throws an error by visit it.

2. Make use of analytics tools and see where dead clicks/links are! There's a tool provided by Microsoft that's called Microsoft Clarity, where you can do can get data such as SEO and use it's in conjunction with Google analytics.

Guide on how to install it: