Approvers cannot see items pending approval

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My Question: How do I set it up so that the approvers have view only access but can see the documents in draft mode and can complete the request without me having to set permissions on the document level each time.


I am currently building a document management system with an approval flow.

When a document is added to the library it is in draft mode until it is submitted for approval. The approver is indicated in the document metadata. The problem I am having is the approver cannot view the file to approve or deny. I have the versioning settings as follows:





The documents in this library must be uneditable to most users, including approvers. I did try creating a group for all approvers but it appears I have to give edit permissions for them to be able to view documents that haven't been approved.







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@nqueen365  I have this same issue, how did you resolve it, please share