Adding comments to document library folders and sub-folders

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Is there any way to add comments to document library folders? I am looking for a means to clearly state what documents should be included in a given folder. This means that I would like to be able to have different comments on different folders and sub-folders in the library.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What about using metadata added to the folder?

@Dwight65 I agree with @Juan Carlos González Martín , this will most likely be the quickest and most effective solution.

To take it one step further, you could look deeper into your document architecture. See how you have created the folders (in Team sites or Communication sites). Best practice would be to have them in Team sites, so that you could connect it to O365 groups and leverage MS Teams. With MS Teams, you could have channels with clear titles that simplifies the findability and understanding of the document architecture. Thereafter you could include tabs like wikis, and provide internal support/FAQ through MS Teams.

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Aref Halmstrand

Many thanks!  I tried this out and it looks like a very workable solution. @Juan Carlos González Martín 

Hm - question though - why can I leave a comment on items in a SP list including @ addressing - whereas this does not seem possible with document libraries???

Similarily - if I create a seperate document library and add custom columns (aka metadata) and I add this document library as a tab to a channel - additional columns won't be shown - whereas both

* adding custom columns to the "General" document library or

* using SP lists with custom columns

are being properly displayed in Teams.....