Adding bulk data to an existing sharepoint 365 list

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I am trying to add additional data to an sharepoint 365 list with existing data, how would I do this?

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Hi @JBTas ,

You have a couple of options which depend on the size your data (number of rows & number of columns).

1. If the size of your data is small , you can put the additional data into an excel sheet , copy the data & paste into Sharepoint List in the GRID VIEW . "Edit grid view" helps you to manipulate a sharepoint list just like an excel sheet.
This is the easiest & quickest option.
2. If your data is considerably huge in terms of columns and rows , you can use POWER AUTOMATE to read data from excel sheet and upload it into SP list. This option requires you to be familiar with power automate and some basic programming skills.


Hi, the edit allows you to edit what exists already. Unless if I am missing something here.

@Abeldzvina yes you're missing the point of edit in grid view. Note, this is not the same as Edit. Edit in grid view is there whether a list has data or not and gives you a spreadsheet-like view of the list. It's not just for editing existing data, you can add new rows into it here as well and it is the fastest way to populate a list from Excel as @Hegelmat said.


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