Add to Calendar Link from SharePoint List View Not working

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Dear SharePoint gurus-

I am trying to create an "add to calendar" link that will add a Teams meeting / session to a user's calendar from a SharePoint List that I'm displaying as in a custom gallery view. I've been trying lots of ways to do this, with none of them working. Most recently I've tried to implement this "Generic Scheduling" column formatting sample from Github but I'm missing something because although the icon display works fine, the h refs/"deep links" that are meant to open Outlook and/or Teams to create events, instead return an error with my list url  plus Invalid%20Date at the end. I'm not totally sure if my problem is in the Formatted Date field, or in the Start and End fields themselves. Also, the "deep links" contain + symbols. Is that an issue?  I've read that it's supposed to contain %20.... I'm feeling totally lost. Can anyone help? This seems like a simple thing but I guess not??







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Hi @CareyBoot - on the github link, the screenshot shows square brackets around [Start]