Access to SharePoint Online for external company to create Intranet page

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Hi team,


our company approached an external company to create a professional intranet site in our sharepoint. What is the best way to grant access to that external team?


I am thinking of creating user account with SharePoint Admin role... Is there any better way? 

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Hi @sumo83,


If they need to create multiple sites, define Hubs, Hub/Global navigation, and the Home site, etc., then adding one of them as a SharePoint Admin (unlicensed with their own business email) could save some time. They can create the Sites and invite other employees to the sites.


If you want more control, you can have an internal SP Admin create the Sites and then add a couple of them as Site Collection Admins on the newly created Sites. Then they can still invite other team members, but only to those specific sites.


You'll want to check with your SP Admin / M365 Admin to see what your settings are for external sharing and guests. (more info: Collaborate with guests in a site (IT Admins) | Microsoft Learn).


If they need to be able to integrate Forms, add Power Apps to Lists, etc., you may want to consider granting them a license in addition to the permissions.


Hope that helps. Happy to add more info here if you have more questions.