Shared resources issue

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I'm facing an issue with shared resources:

  • I have 2 project files (A.mpp & B.mpp) using shared resources in C.mpp 

  • I got rid of B.mpp, but shared resources show as taken by B.mpp

I tried to :

- recreate B.mpp

- deconnect B.mpp from C.mpp

That only works temporarily. Resources reappear as taken by B.mpp :(


My version MSP is Client de bureau Microsoft® Project® Online MSO (Version 2301 Build 16.0.16026.20002) 64 bits, on a Windows 10 PC Computer


Hope you can help




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@MarkDury --


Open the shared resource pool file Read/Write.  Click Resource > Resource Pool > Share Resources.  You should see a dialog that looks similar to the one below.  Select Project B in this dialog and then click the Break Link button.  Close the dialog and save the shared resource pool file.  Hope this helps.




Thanks you so much Dale, that really helped
Mark --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend! :)