Problems with Microsoft Project office 365 Visual reports MSOLAP$cubes

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Problems with Microsoft Project office 365 Visual reports MSOLAP$cubes


We have some problems with our Microsoft Project while trying to generate a Visual report:

Screenshot 2021-12-30 151654.png

When we check the event viewer, we find following informationals:


We tried the following:
Reinstall and update the office 365 applications (we are running Version 2102 Build 13801.20960)
Installed drivers.
Tried to repair office installation
Tried to update Visual C++ redistributables + tried to repair


We are running a Horizon VDI setup W10 enterprise Build 19042.1237


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Jeremy --

Ever since the Visual Reports feature was added in Microsoft Project 2007 (if memory serves me correctly), I have found this feature to be a bit flaky. If I had one US dollar for every time I have seen that "An unknown error has occurred" error dialog, I would be a wealthy man. :)

Whenever I see that error message, I simply try generating the Visual Report again until it finally works. I am not aware of any permanent fix to the problem. Sometimes I am able to generate the Visual Report on the first try, and sometimes I have to try again and again until it finally works.

What happens if you try generating the Visual Report multiple times? Do you eventually succeed? Or is the process failing every time? And if it fails every time, is the problem limited to specific projects or to all projects? Please let us know and we will try to help you.

Hello @Jeremy9251970 ,

I'm guessing this is due to the VDI set up and not MS Project / Excel related and this is happening for every project you try. It is probably that the MS Project App can't see / recognise that the Excel app is also available on the VDI? 


@Dale Howard 




Thanks for the help :).

I tried to generate the visual report a couple of times but it keeps failing. It is not limited to a specific project but it occurs with all of the projects. Even with sample projects from Microsoft.


Kind regards

Thanks for the help.

It is possible that this is related to the VDI, we have tried to do this on the golden image (base image) of the VDI and with the local admin account, this does work. But whenever i log in with an account with the actual license, it seems like it stops working. I have opened a case with the VDI support aswell.

Kind regards

Hi @Jeremy9251970 ,

This will be an issue with the VDI set up and not MS Project / Excel / Visio, hopefully your VDI support team can resolve this for you.


@Paul Mather 


Thanks for the response. First of all best wishes for 2022!
Still looking into this issue together with the VDI team, seems like something is going wrong with the shared. And we got another fault code: see attached screenshot




Hello @Jeremy9251970 - Best wishes to you too.
Hopefully the VDI team can resolve this issue for you.

Is there a way to enable MS project logging? Just to verify where it is going wrong.

@Dale Howard I was having this problem on and off but could keep retrying and eventually the report would run. Sometimes just renaming the file would do the trick.


As of yesterday, no success at all.  Have you found any resolution? 


I've contacted Microsoft Support and they have stated the following:
We have tested this behavior internally and unfortunately, this issue is persisting and we are able to re-create/reproduce this issue. It has already been highlighted to our escalation/senior peers and a fix would be rolled out in upcoming months, apologies but currently no ETA is confirmed

Only workaround at this moment is a rollback to: Version 2008(Build 13127.20910)

Kind regards,
Jeremy I also contacted MS Support and we found that I had taken on an MS Office update that was not compatible with my Microsoft version. I pushed some Microsoft updates through and the Visual report function in Project is back to running pretty consistently as before. Occasionally a report won't run but I try again and it runs.
moody123 --

Thanks for letting us know the resolution to this problem. I have to admit that your problem was a real head scratcher to me!

I have used MS Project for decades and the Visual Reports have always been iffy.  Multiple releases, multiple windows versions, multiple office versions, all have problems.  Using Office 365, brand new and it's deja vu.  Run a visual report for Cash Flow for example and it gets stuck on "Gathering reporting data..." about 50% of the time.  For me, the whole install and update, remove the program and reinstall, send your screen shots, check your version, etc are red herrings.  I've probably tried to use Visual Reports on 10 different computers, with 8 different versions of windows and who knows how many generations of office (am I in the 100's of permutations yet?) and have always had problems.  It is a great tool when it works and it would be spectacular if the integration with Excel (two-way?  possible?  a dream?  sort of exists but not really) was complete.  


@Dale Howard