Opening and Viewing Option for Two MS Project Files Simultaneously on Two Screens?

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Can two MS Project files be opened on two different screens at the same time?

This option is should be there as it is for other usual MS software like Word, Excel etc.


Hope this can be fixed as will ease out while working from two parallel files simultaneously.

Appreciate if this can be looked at, please asap.

Looking forward

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Two Project files can certainly be opened on two different screens. However, a single file cannot be opened for editing on two separate PCs. One file will be read/write but the other will by default be read only and for good reason, to avoid editing conflicts.

Unlike Excel, Project only allows on instance of the application to be opened so a user cannot open two separate instances of Project on a single PC. Obviously, Project can be opened on multiple PCs simultaneously, subject to licensing agreements.

Hope this helps to clarify.
Thanks for the prompt response.
However, the query relates to reporting a problem with Microsoft Project; not being able to open two different files on a single pc on two different screens.
Imagine yourself working on a MS Project file where you need to constantly refer to another Microsoft Project file. Unlike Word or Excel, project doesn't allows you to have the two files on two screens.
Wonder if this shortcoming can be addressed and fixed by the developers.
Will save a lot of time for project programmers and planners like myself working on extensively long files for hours.
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I don't understand what you mean. I can open multiple files and view them simultaneously using split screen via, View > Window group > Arrange all. It's not necessarily easy to work on the files especially with a small screen but careful use of filtering can make it easier. Another option is to temporarily create a master file with inserted projects.


If you are looking for the ability to have two separate instances of Project, then I suggest you submit a request via, File > Feedback > "I have a suggestion".



Thanks for the feedback and telling some of the possible options.
However, this is not exactly what is helpful had it been the case to view complete MS Project files on two different screens on the same computer.
The feedback has already been submitted, as advised by Microsoft support and hope developers can work to fix this shortcoming.
This would be greatly helpful.
If there is any info needed, please don't hesitate to contact.
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I hope you explained it more clearly in your feedback request because I still don't understand the issue. You CAN view complete Project files on two different screens on the same computer and I gave some options on how to do that. Perhaps its the definition of "screen". Do you mean two separate monitors connected to a single PC? If so, that is already possible although I don't know the details, I've never connected two monitors to my PC.. Check for other postings with the phrase "using multiple monitors on single computer".

Hi John
Thanks for your response back in regards to subject.
I definitely mean using two separate monitors connected to a single PC.
Unfortunately, with MS Project, it is NOT POSSIBLE.
Wonder if this can be fixed by developers at Microsoft.
Please let me know if you would like to speak on a call/screen share to help resolve this further.

Thanks John!
Though this thread is partially useful as provides some alternatives. Again it is a testament that Microsoft has not been able to fix this issue since over a decade now.
Users like myself have been struggling and finding alternative ways. Fingers crossed until experts can take notice of this long issue and resolve.
MZ_Rasheed --

FYI, the developers at Microsoft do not see this as an issue or a problem. It is simply how Microsoft Project works and has always worked, which is totally different from how Word and Excel work.

So, don't hold your breath, waiting for them to "fix" this, as there is no fix coming. For the moment at least, Microsoft has stopped further development on the Microsoft Project desktop application, and is spending all of its time and budget on the Project for the Web application instead. Hope this additional information helps.

In a similar scenario, I usually extend the main Project window so as to occupy both screens in full in a two-monitor configuration, open the two files, and first arrange both files' windows horizontally by clicking the associated menu button (see View | Window | Arrange All) and then arrange them vertically by using the mouse such that each monitor contains only one of the windows of the files.

Hope this works.

As John has already mentioned, MS Project is a single instance application. You can not run multiple instances of MS Project but it can of course open multiple different mpp files, and multiple windows of the same mpp file. I hope they continue to invest in developing the desktop application further.