MS Projekt-Bericht: Tabellenüberschriften wiederholen

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vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen. Ich habe ein Problem:

In einem Bericht (Project 2019) habe ich eine ziemlich lange Tabelle, die im Ausdruck über mehrere Seiten geht. Ich möchte, dass die Spaltenüberschriften auf jeder Seite erscheinen. In Excel und Word ist das kein Problem, aber in MS Project habe ich die Funktion nicht gefunden.

Wäre super, wenn Ihr eine Lösung für mich hättet

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Please post all questions in English as that is the language of this forum.


What report are you referring to (i.e. one of the built-in or custom reports under Report or a customized view)? A screen shot would be helpful.





I hope my English isn#t to bad. Here the translation of my question:


MS Project Report: Repeat table headings
maybe someone can help me. I have a problem:

In a report (Project 2019) I have a rather long table that goes over several pages in the printout. I want the column headings to appear on each page. In Excel and Word this is not a problem, but in MS Project I have not found the function.




I attach you a two pictures of the report. On the second picture you can see the page break. On the next page, the table headings should then be repeated at the beginning of the table.


it is not a built-in report, it is one customized by myself

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Uli60 --

Thank you for your English explanation of the problem, and for including a couple of screenshots as well. I think I know what you are describing. In Microsoft Word, there is a table option called "Repeat as header row at the top of each page." So, with this option selected, Microsoft Word will repeat the first row (the header row) at the top of the table on each successive page.

In Microsoft Project, the table functionality in Dashboard reports is very similar to the table functionality in Microsoft Word. But, the functionality is NOT identical. I am sad to report to you that in Microsoft Project, there is NO table option called "Repeat as header row at the top of each page." Sorry, but hope this helps.
thank you very much for your answer. Even if my problem is not solved, I now know that I do not have to look further.

Thank you very much!
Uli60 --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend! :)