MS Project task not changing to correct dates

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Hi Community


I have a Project where I need to apply weekend working.


I have created a new calendar where all dates are 'Working'


I then apply this calendar to the task and tick 'Scheduling ignores resources calendar'


However, I then go to update this task and it skips the weekends as if it was still using the 'Standard' calendar.


I just cant seem to work out what is going on?


Please help!

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Ash --

Do you have a resource assigned to this task? If so, you will need to apply either the Task Usage or Resource Usage view to see that the task calendar you applied is actually working. Let us know what you see in either of these views and we will try to help you.

@Dale Howard apologies for the delayed response - I didn't seem to get a notification.


In answer to your points:


Do you have a resource assigned to this task? No, I don't have a resource assigned. Below is what I have:

No tasks have been progressed to 100% - Hope the below makes sense, this has never happened to me before so rather baffled!


1. The task date circled in red needs to be Sun 19/03/23 


2. Calendar in Task Information is selected to 'Weekend Comms'


3. 'Weekend Comms' calendar has Sun 19/03/23 as a 'Working day' so why is it not changing?





Your calendar is a 7 work days/week calendar, not a weekend work only calendar. In the custom calendar, update Monday through Friday as nonworking days and this should solve your problem. Hope this helps.