Can't copy a Plan in TEAMS app for Mac

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I read the Microsoft post on how to copy a MS Planner plan but I can't get it to work in the Planner tab within MS Teams app for Mac. If I log in to, I can find the plan I want to copy and I can copy it but it doesn't show up in Teams which is where I want it. Within the Teams App, and within the plan I want to copy, if I click on the three dots '...', my only choices are "Copy Link to Tab" and "About this tab". Help. I'd appreciate any advice into how to copy a plan. Thanks
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By copying a plan you create a new office 365 group! You can’t just copy a plan in a team and use it within that team via the planner tab!
A workaround is to grab the url of the new plan and add it as a website tab
Hi, instead you need to try third party apps to copy the plan to the same group. By doing this way, you won't miss the files and other stuff in Planner related to the same group.

@Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Thanks, Santhosh. Can you recommend a third-party app that works with Mac?