Board View Missing for "My Tasks"

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Hi there,


We have adopted Microsoft Teams & Planner over the last two years for project management of high volume residential construction projects.


We have become very reliant on the "Board View" within Planner.  Each user has historically been able within Teams to view all tasks assigned to them across all Teams in the My Tasks tab of the Planner app, and the tasks show up as "tiles".  We have become heavy users of the "show on card" functionality to ensure that multiple assignees can keep track of tasks concurrently.


We are concerned as several of our users appear to have had changes to their desktop apps in the last two days which has added the new "list" view associated with the amalgamation of To Do and Planner (ie. the new "Tasks" app).  What is most concerning is that the Board view appears to be restricted to each individual Team now, and we cannot see how to replicate the former combined Board view (for all Teams together) that we have become so reliant on.


We would appreciate prompt attention to this item - at this point if we cannot get this resolved, we may be forced to look into alternate task management platforms that provide more fluid access to tasks across multiple Teams concurrently.


I have attached a photo of the "old view" which is preferred (Board view showing My Tasks across ALL teams concurrently) VS.  the "new list view" which for us is problemmatic.




Lesley Hutton


Preferred "Old View" (Board):

Teams - Planner Old View (Preferred).PNG



New "List" View:

Teams - Planner New List View (Problemmatic).jpg

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@lhutton28 Hi Lesley, I misread your post at first, my apologies (I deleted my first reply).  You are right - it appears there is no way to view this in the new Teams app. I agree this is much needed :)

@lhutton28 I agree completely. I work on multiple teams at my organization, and became heavily reliant on the Planner board to prioritize and organize my work. We absolutely need the Board view for the "Assigned to me" tasks to allows viewing my tasks across multiple planner boards from 1 screen. The Board view

Additional improvements that would be helpful, it would be best to allow user to set default views and more filter options.

Examples of allowing user to define defaults: default to Board view (instead of List view); within Board view, default to Group by Plan (instead of Group by Progress)

Examples of allowing enhanced filters for the Assigned to me view: allow filtering by Source (instead of only by due date and priority).

@lhutton28Yes!! This is very important. Suprisingly the useful board view is off after the update. Also own plans without channel connections are now missing in the planner app on teams. :(

@lhutton28  Agreed! Board view is essential!


I couldn't agree more! So essential for task management and Project Management.

Hi Lesley, did you find a solution to this?
When you are in the context of a SINGLE plan they you will still have the Board view available. The view above is "Assigned to me" and shows different sources which may be different plans, or ToDo - and the different plans will have potentially different buckets. That is why there is no sense in having a Board view in the list views that show tasks from multiple sources. If we did there would be multiple buckets that may not be present in each plan - and what would the expectation be if you started to drag and drop tasks? I'd assume that what you need is the board view in single plan mode (as per your 'old' view) and this is still available, along with the new List view which is excellent for other tasks such as task entry and also multiple select features. I hope this clarifies the difference you are seeing.

@Brian SmithNo! No! No! Fault Fault Fault! Board View is NOT ONLY because drag&drop between users. The most usage is for the unique visibility (buckets side by side), using the checklist in a task card, drag&drop the cards between buckets and change positions in a bucket. Many Single User define their workflows with the canvas board! It's very important!!!

My point exactly Martin - and I'm not talking about dragging and dropping between users - but between buckets? In the view you show there are multiple plans. One plan could have buckets called Trains, Planes and Cars - another plan could have buckets called Apples, Bananas and Oranges. Different buckets meant for different purposes in different types of plans. It would not make sense to drag a task from one Plan to another bucket - which does not even exist in that Plan? Or does it? Would you create that bucket? Most customers would not expect or want that behavior (in my opinion). You can certainly move tasks between Plans - but the logic of doing that on a Board view showing tasks from disparate plans would risk accidentally moving a task out of your plan or creating additional unnecessary buckets. Or am I failing again?
I agree 100%
I disagree with you. There are many workflows (as I and others reported) to have Board view for My Assigned tasks that show tasks from multiple sources.
Does that work for you as you have consistent bucket names? Would you expect to have drag/drop capabilities still with this cross source view?
I agree, the board worked fine until the latest Teams update. I need this back ASAP! This is how we run our Team meetings. This makes me want to switch everything back to ClickUp. VERY VERY Frustrating
Any updates on this? At least let us have the option to use the board view? The dragging and dropping wasn't the main feature for us. It was just easier to see things at a glance & big picture.

As with everything else these days, convenience is key. When we're busy & need to see status', structure, etc, at a glance, we don't get that bc:
- Buckets are silo'd. No more big picture view.
- We're now spending time sifting through long lists (rather than glancing at buckets separated out)
- We now have to open up each task to see the notes/checklists, even though we indicated that we want to see it on the card (aka, at a glance).
- We only see little colored boxes for tags we've assigned, but can no longer see at a glance what those colored tags represent. We have to hover over each one. If this were to stand, we'd need a legend.
Anyone know if Microsoft have sorted this yet? Thanks.

I'm surprised this hasn't been reported as a bigger issue. We've managed an organization-wide transformational project just on the board / cards view. We need this back asap.

@TeamsAboud weighing in that getting the board view feature back into the iOS-based app is critical. I take my iPad to every meeting in the hopes of updating my teams’ boards and also frequently use my iPhone to check board movement. The Trello app board interface is gorgeous on iPads/iPhones, very close to switching over to it if Microsoft can’t get this fixed. Frustrating!



Agreed...Board View is a good way to see tasks.  PLEASE make this functionality available to My Tasks!

The best way I have found to see Tasks from varying Teams aggregate into one Board View is by using the web-based Planner. Its the only way for me to see a big picture board view of all of my tasks across multiple client. Just need to log into your microsoft office account on your browser and navigate to Planner from there. Good luck!