Repost: change region and language settings using group policy

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Please share the steps for configuring "region and language settings" using group policy.



Something here may help.



To set up the Regional settings for multiple users, use the group policy and to the following steps:


Launch Group Policy Management, create a new GPO or configure the one you have. See the screenshots.


Make all needed settings, and use F6 to confirm the configuration from red to green.


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@JillArmour Thank you for sharing the resource link; it appears to be a valuable reference. When it comes to setting up Regional things with Group Policy, your steps make sense.


Starting with Group Policy Management, creating or tweaking a GPO is the way to go, and those screenshots really help make things clear. Just a quick note to double-check all the settings.


It's easy to miss something, and hitting F6 to make sure everything goes from red to green is a good call. and speaking of good calls, I also use Nakivo for Exchange backup - it's been a game-changer. Thanks for sharing these tips!