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I have been trying to log in to my Microsoft account on my new laptop. I have previously used the 2-factor identification method on my old laptop, however, it doesn't seem to be working for my new laptop. When it says it has sent a notification to approve on the authenticator mobile app, nothing is coming up to approve on my mobile so i am making no progress. I also cannot find a code to enter on my laptop from the app. There is no QR code to scan on my laptop using the authenticator app. I don't know what to do and it is extremely frustrating because I cannot access anything, emails etc. Would be very grateful for some help.


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This sounds rather like a problem of the Authenticator app on the mobile it is not the laptop which stores any MFA information, the account setting at (or the security settings for the Microsoft Accounts set in there) triggers MFA, regardless from which machine you access those.


Generally, when the message appears that a notification was send to the mobile device, there should be an option to use different verification method, which allows to also choose to enter a 6 digit token that is displayed for this account in the MS Authenticator app. Also it might show options to use another email address or phone number.

Doing a new MFA registration in the authenticator app (showing the AR code) is only possible when you can access and log in using MFA - if you can't the dialogue usually also shows an option reset MFA, then you have to enter additional information to verify your identity.


This does not sound like a problem specific to CSP Partners where this community is set up for, but more like a problem with a personal Microsoft Account outside of the scope of this forum.

You can review guidance on how to set up MFA for personal accounts here: Microsoft account security info & verification codes - and at the end of the article you find links to the correct community and support options.

Finally there is also an option to reset password and security information all together: Recover your account (



My MS Authenticator app does not show any 6 digit one-time-tokens. It shows 8 digit one time passwords.  Also, my MS Authenticator does not receive any notifications. There is no help available anywhere, and there seems to be no way to "reset" this security information.



8 digit one-time passwords are for personal Microsoft accounts, not work accounts, so you confirmed that your issue is not reg. CSP Partner security requirements where this community is meant for.

I would suggest you contact Microsoft support directly - Contact Us - Microsoft Support - if you can't get access to a browser where you can log in to and use the available options to reset your authentication methods.



Have personal and work Authenticator use.


Azure side(work) never sends notification to authenticator. Therefor cannot use any of my work related phone apps which is literally essential to my job. Personal use works every time. Cant text myself the verification code because the phone number is wrong and I have no idea how to change it. I have my new number on Microsoft account for 2 years now and my work have my new number saved in their system for the same period of time so I have no idea why my old number is in there. I guess i've never noticed this as the notifications have just stopped working recently. Any help would be great here also.



If you want to change setting for MFA for a work/school account, go to and log in with your work account. There is both a setting on if a notification will be send or if the 6-digit code should be used (given the admin of the tenant did not disable certain methods) and an option to change the phone number.

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