working with multiple S/MIME certs. - invalid certificate

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Hi everyone,


Following situation:

  • Outlook Profile: Outlook
  • Accounts: 1 Personal Account (Hotmail), 1 Work Account and 4 mapped shared mailboxes
  • All Exchange Online!
  • One Security Setting with a DigiCert Cert. for my work mailbox and the shared
  • S/MIME works perfectly with all work-related accounts

Then I decided to add a second security settings with a WiseID Cert. for my hotmail, cause I have one and I want to use it. As soon as I try to send an email from this account, this error message pops up...



Okay, so I've made a second profile with just the hotmail Account set up and the security setting with the cert. for this email. Works perfectly...


My question:

Why does it work in a separate profile and not in my main profile with the other accounts?


Thanks for every reply <3


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