Unable to add a Work Gmail account in Outlook 2021, This web browser does not support JavaScript or

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Good afternoon.  I had to reinstall Windows on my work computer and have run into a major issue.  I am unable to Add our technical support account into Outlook.  I have tried the information provided at the following page (Error 'This web browser does not support JavaScript or scripts are being blocked' when adding a Goog...), but this did not resolve the issue.  I have Javascript enabled in Edge, and do not have Internet Explorer installed on the computer (at least that I can tell).  I have tried selecting the Organization G-Suite and the Individual for the account, but both circle me back to the fact that the web browser does not support Javascript or scripts are being blocked.  Contacted Google they say to do the regedit hack.  Told them it does not work.  They said call Microsoft it is their issue.  Unable to talk to someone at Microsoft when I called since the automated system says what I am looking for is not available and no person can take your call and hung up on me.

What I need is a way to fix this issue.  Have the following installed:
Windows 11 Pro 22H2

Office Professional Plus 2021 version 2210.


Please I have been at this for 3 days already with no resolution to get Outlook and Gmail to work correctly.


Thank you in advance,


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Hi @mmastro 

Since this is a difficult issue, and perhaps it concerns Edge, ask there:

Enterprise - Microsoft Community Hub

Additionally, provide diagnostic data and feedback to the Edge team to check it out.

Alt+Shift+I this is important because it is about synchronization and needs to be fixed!

If you add an email address there - they will contact you

4. Start using Outlook - Google Workspace Learning Center

While I was unable to get this to work with the IMAP. I slogged through the various menus and was able to set it up with POP3.
One of my first things I had done was research why this was not working, which brought me to that page. But that registry edit did not work in my case. Not like I changed the registry and try immediately, as I know some hive entries require a reboot, I had rebooted the laptop multiple times.


Sometimes Defender Firewall - settings, can block access, and Edge security.

POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings - Microsoft Support

@mmastro it's not Edge which is blocking this neither defender or anything else. it's just the fact that Outlook uses IE (wonder how it is installed on my system cause microsoft says its not supported anymore). you can check this by clicking on the 'more information' link in the login not possible windows.

it will open an instance of ie. weird.

Same issue for me, couldnt find a solution so far.

@ManuelSie After reading that, well if we had Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Manager then that might work, but since we don't have that then, sorry Charlie.  No way to set those Internet settings except through the control panel, and having gone to Internet properties, via control panel, the correlating security settings are set.