The free / busy dates are shown as slashes in the Scheduler

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we have a problem that some users free / busy is shown as slashes in the Scheduler when we try to create a meeting

when we delete the user from the local outlook cache and select it again from the gal using the to box 
it shows the free/busy Schedule ok 
we have outlook 2016 and exchange 2013 local install
please advice

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Seems like it's an issue with outdated entries in the name cache, clearing those should resolve it for you.

thanks for the reply
removing them didn't help
after they been added again
the problems occur again
i see the problem with users in groups to
when i had the group the free/busy dont show
when i had the user its ok
i've check it on different outlook version on a different computer
and i see the same issue with the same users
its seems like every user cant see different users free\busy