setting up rules in new outlook (2024) for meeting items that are accepted

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Hi Community,

In the old outlook for windows I was able to set up a rule in outlook so that the email that says, your agenda item was accepted by person X, was moved to the deleted items. In the new Outlook it seems not possible.

For example;


I want the message above automatically moved to the deleted items folder. So I've set up the following rule (in dutch):


I also tried "berichtkop" and "bericht tekst bevat", without succes.


In the old outlook version, in the subject of the email was automatically added "Geaccepteerd:".


Do you guy's have a solution?:)

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Hi @J_ules 


I wanted to let you know that the custom rule you created to move an accepted meeting from a specific person is currently unsupported. There is no calendar field available in the Rules list to reference an invite status such as "Accepted" as the trigger to perform an action.


However, I suggest that you provide your feedback to Microsoft so that they can improve the Rules functionality. You can do this by visiting the feedback portal. Here is the link:


Additionally, you can provide feedback within the app by selecting View | Help | Suggestion.


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