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in the classic Outlook I can reply with Create Meeting, and with the Outlook Teams Plugin the information to join the meeting are included in the Mail. In the Outlook Web that option is missing.


=> How to easily Reply-all + Include the Teams connection information ?


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Here are two workarounds for Reply with Teams Meeting in OWA and New Outlook.


1) Open an Email | Right-Click | Other reply actions | Reply all by meeting



2) Create a Quick Steps to perform these steps. You can also assign a short to a Quick Step.
Check out this video for more information on Quick Step.

View Settings | Mail | Quick Steps 





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Hi@Teresa_Cyrus ,

thanks for your quick reply! The Quick Steps will be great to simplify the process,

but currently I can't create a Teams videoconference in Outlook Web at all.

As workaround I have to 1) create a Dummy Calendar entry in Teams, then 2) in Outlook Web do the Reply-by-Meeting you described, and copy&paste the videoconference information from Teams over to the Outlook calendar entry. Not elegant, and I don't see how to automate that with the Outlook quick thing.





Just as a fyi in case others are reading this thread, the Teams details will not show in the Outlook description while creating the event. I get questions from clients about this behavior a lot.


As long as the Teams Meeting button is enabled in the event, the end user will see the details in Outlook (pic 1) once the event is open.  Also, the end users can click on the Join button from the Calendar (pic 2) or Outlook Event (pic 3).


Now, if you can't create a video conference at all, contact Microsoft Help Support. You have some other issues.





Pic 2





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Hi, seems the underlying issue is that I am missing the Teams toggle in Outlook web entirely. I started a new discussion specifically on that issue in Yours, Steffen