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Dear All,


For privacy reasons I don't want Outlook remembering emails address used.

I use Outlook on my iPhone and I don't know how to get rid of these addresses.

I logged in the Outlook from my laptop browser, but I couldn't find neither the email addresses (so I can delete them) nor the settings to avoid they are going to be memorise in the future.

I tried to delete my email address from my iPhone app and then add it again, but the old emails address are still there.


I will be very grateful if someone can help me please!


Many Thanks

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The easiest way will be to create a new Outlook account and thus separate your private contacts and work contacts, and certainly such a separation will provide a new Microsoft account where you will not sync with the previous account.
And the old account will require - manual removal of unnecessary contacts!
Hi AndrzejX,

Thanks for your reply.
The fact is that I do not have any personal contact.
The ones I am talking about are only old email address I used during many years.
Outlook memorised them and I don't know how to remove them manually because they only appear in my iPhone app.
I search Outlook website and there is no trace of them.
Yes, because the synchronization concerns the Microsoft Account and contacts associated with it and there was an automatic export of them, but I do not know how to stop it!
This solution is the iPhone and its memory that synchronizes contacts and there you need to perform the action, but I do not know this system - maybe someone else will help , but we already have preliminary findings, maybe you fix it yourself Good luck!
Hi AndrzejX,

I have 2 Hotmail accounts; I went through both Outlook and Microsoft websites, for each account, deleting any data e settings regarding the privacy.
After, I uninstalled and reinstalled my iPhone Microsoft Outlook app.
With genuine enthusiasm I went to check the app, and there, where the magnifier symbol is, at the top of the page I found again all the old email contacts. :(
One thing I discovered anyway, even if you uninstall the app, when you install it again, it finds in the system the accounts you had on it;
May be finding a way of uninstalling completely the app.......
I leave it to who knows more than me!
Many Thanks