Outlook Spelling check in Subject line different from body text

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On 'answers.microsoft.com' there's an old discussion called "Outlook 2016 Spelling check in Subject line different from body text", the discussion is closed, but the error still exists in Outlook (I'm running Version 2006 (Build 13001.20384)) on Windows 10, everything updated.


I know MS is busy!!!!!!!!, but fixing an error that is 3-4 years old, should have been done by now :-).


The error is, that the subject line is checked in English and the body in my language (Danish). Looking around, I see that many other users have the same problem in many other languages, so it's not related to any specific language.


Example attached.


As you see, the Danish word is checked in English in the subject line and in Danish in the body.


I have read many posts about this, tried to change Region, local languages, the order of which they are used in Outlook etc.,  still not fixed.


Anyone out there smarter than me? :-).



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@duksedrengen - I think the Subject is being checked in American English, the Microsoft default. This jumped out at me (working in British [proper!] English) when logging a fault about sluggish behaviour on one of our servers, so I tried a couple of other words and sure enough...


Complaints about the "...our" spellings in the Subject, but not in the Body.

I went hunting to see if I could find a fix and discovered your unanswered query, so thought I'd reply in case it plops it onto someone's pile. :)


Like @Skotzmun, arrived here noticing this with US English in subject line.

This is with Outlook 365 MSO 16.0.13801.20240 32 bit. British English is set, and works, everywhere else (Windows 10 Region and language, Office language settings, Outlook options).


problem still there in Win 11 Jan 2022

Naturalisation vs Naturalization

This was reported at least 12 years ago...

There are a few options here: https://superuser.com/questions/169393/different-languages-in-subject-line-and-text-body-in-outlook-...

The unicode answer worked for me on Windows 10 / Outlook 2016.

@IainB1 - thanks for that. Good to know there's yet another bit of Micro$haft annoying behaviour that has been around for over a decade without a formal resolution. :)

However I think your own experience of the unicode thing means it's is a good bet that it's the root cause. I no longer have this issue (we have an external support company and I just lobbed it at them and can't actually recall what the outcome was!) and had forgotten about this ticket, but I checked where you said and my unicode setting was "UK English".

FWIW, I run Windows 10 Pro, local Outlook software and with our Office365 accounts being managed from our US-based head office.

So that Unicode setting is definitely a great place for people experiencing this annoying issue to check first. Many thanks for that.



non-Unicode answer works for Office 365 on Windows 10. That is a well hidden setting! Thanks @IainB1

Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. I think I'll pass with him this time around. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/outlook/outlook-teatime-spelling-check-in-subject-line-different-from-body-text/td-p/1562729

Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. I think I'll pass with him this time around. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here


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The problem you have here is most likely that you are using word as your email editor, so Outlook uses the dictionary set in word for the body of the email, which will be UK English, however the spell checking in the subject line is done by Outlook itself, which is probably set to US English.


To change Outlooks language (in Outlook 2007), go to Tools, Options, Spelling Tab, Spelling and AutoCorrection - In this new menu you will see in the middle section "Custom Dictionaries." Click this button and then use the drop down menu at the bottom of the next screen to set Dictionary Language to English UK.


In Outlook 2003, you need to take a look in c:\program files\microsoft office\office11\1033. In here should be a file called email.dot, right click on the file and go to 'open the file', do not double click. In here in the status bar at the bottom it should show "English (US)", double click on this and change to English (UK). Save and close, it should now have the right dictionary.