Outlook on Desktop not showing mail in Inbox, but in search results

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Dear community,


some users experience an issue (once a week to once per month), that an e-mail cannot be seen in the Inbox of Outlook Desktop, however when a search is performed in Outlook Desktop then the mail is displayed in the search results. After restarting Outlook Desktop the e-mail appears in the inbox. Pressing "Send/Receive all folders" does no solve the issue, Outlook has to be restarted.


There are no custom views or filter applied to the inbox.


There seem to be other users who are experiencing this issue https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/emails-not-showing-up-in-inbox-only-see-when-...

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@Kiril  I recently realized this has been going of for at least 30 days.  Other than logging out and back in again, which I've already done. How do I restart Outlook for Office365? I am using the online "webmail" version of Outlook.  Thank you, or anyone else with an answer.

Never had this problem using Outlook Online (webmail). This usually happend in the Outlook Desktop client, but never really found a solution. Restarting Outlook means to close the Outlook Desktop client and then start it again.

There is not really a restart for Outlook Online. You could sign out and then sign in again, or reload the browser and clear the cache (edge, chrome, firefox: Ctrl+Shift+R)