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I have created a distribution list for sending out SMS alerts to our 47 employees' mobile phones from my Outlook. It works great, but when we lose power and I can't use my computer, I must to be able to send it from my Android's Outlook app. I cannot get the distribution list to sync with the Outlook app on the Android. This is really just a distribution list -- there's no need for all the Group functions. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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By your description, it seems like you've created an Outlook Contact Group, right? Distribution Groups in Office 365 have a different meaning, they are managed centrally (on the server) and will be available on any device. However, depending on your organization's config, creation or management of DGs might be limited to specific users only. Here's the documentation just in case: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/distribution-groups-e8ba58a8-fab2-4aaf-8aa1-2a304052d2de


Thanks for your response, Vasil. Turns out that the best option was to: 

  1. create a Contact for each employee with their SMS address (e.g. 1234567890@vtext.com) on our DC's ADUC; and
  2. create a distribution list in ADUC for those contacts, which assigns it an email address (e.g. SMS@mycompany.com), which I can use on my mobile phone's Outlook app to email a text message to them.

Problem solved. 

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