Outlook crash on Azure AD Joined Windows 10


Hi, maybe someone encounter similar problems when live natively in Microsoft 365 on Azure AD Joined Windows 10 and Outlook from Office 365 ProPlus.


Outlook crash on start with "The unexpected error occurred."


The reason for this can be, that you have Azure AD Display Name attribute filled with special characters or some local alphabets (like here in Czech Republic). Windows 10 support Unicode for local user profile path, but some apps no. And one of them is Outlook currently unfortunately.


Nice workaround is rename account before joining machine or rename path in registry manually after enrollment. I made just a quick blog post about this issue.

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Hi @Petr Vlk,

Unfortunately we encountered the same issue with the Windows build 10.0.18362.239.

So this is not fixed as you write in your blog post. 


Never mind thank you for the workaround! 


And shame on you Microsoft, that kind of error in the 21st century?!

@Martin Trněný Hi, should be fixed by Outlook team. Windows still behave the same to today builds. Unfortunately.


One of the possible solution is make a dummy AD and sync the SAMAccountName attribute to AAD which Windows will then use for local user profile path. But I know, for the cloud only scenario it is not so cool.


I am just talking to AAD and Windows teams to get this addressed. If you can also create ticket or at least escalate if you have some your contacts in Microsoft, will be appreciated. Thanks.