Outlook automatically replies with a blank email

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I started a new job which uses Microsoft Outlook 365 for Macs. I never changed any settings or did any updates. From day one I have been told by people sending me emails that I sent them an email in reply that was blank. I've looked online for various solutions and have found none of them to apply - in some cases, the very first step (e.g., open Outlook and choose File > Office Account > Update Options > Update Now) doesn't apply at all (e.g., I have no option to select "Office Account" in "File" - it simply isn't there). In other cases, the option exists but is grey and I cannot click on it (e.g., "Automatic Replies"). This is true when I use classic Outlook as well as the new Outlook. 


I am extremely frustrated that when I called the support line I was directed to a web page that, at first, age me an error notice, and then led me back to the support line phone number that directed back to the same page - and so on in a ridiculous circle of uselessness. 


Please help. 

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