Outlook 365 - Meeting/Email header too large

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When I create a meeting or open a new one the header takes up 35% of available screen (minus taskbar and application header) and only 65% remaining to view the meeting content. This 35% of the screen only shows 4 things: Meeting Title,Organizer,Time, and Location. This information could be much more space efficient to leave more room for the actual meeting content.


A secondary issue is when running a meeting I pull up the agenda in Outlook to share the screen with everyone but we can only see a few lines at a time, so we do alot of scrolling up and down when it would easily fit on 1 screen with a smaller header. Its so bad I have seen some people as a workaround do extra work to copy/paste their meeting agendas into a new Word file just for the meeting to regain this 35% of the screen.


It would be nice if we could at least shrink the header like we used to be able too. The email header takes up more space than it needs to as well. Its a bit less space hungry taking up 23% of available screen, and this also lost the ability to shrink the header before 365.

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