Outlook 2016 for Windows display issue on 1801 (Build 9001.2171)

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I just recently installed the monthly updates for Office 365 ProPlus, which brings it up to version 1801 (Build 9001.2171). Since doing that, I noticed that I am intermittently having odd display issues in Outlook 2016. In my inbox and other mail folders, the vertical scroll bar that separates my messages and reading pane is replaced with a black bar. Please see the attached screenshot.


I tried nuking my Outlook profile and rebuilding it from scratch but it didn't fix the issue. Is anyone seeing this and if so, have you fixed the issue through any other means?



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Hi Adam, this sounds very similar to the issues that were discussed here - Office 365 ProPlus 1801 (build 9001.2138) Graphics Glitch (can't link to discussion for some reason). The overarching issue seemed to be linked to a service health issue EX128811. This has since been closed, so not sure if it was fully related: 


" We recommend any affected user restart the client, wait 10 minutes, then restart the client a second time to force a client update which will resolve the issue."


There were some suggestions in the discussion I mentioned above that could be worth checking out:



@Michael York wrote:

Also impacting us, opened a ticket with MS Support, evidently they're aware and working on a fix in future build. Impacts ProPlus builds 9001.2138 and 9001.2144 on Win10 Pro 1703 and 0709. 

Found a manual fix on a few systems. Update client to latest version of Office proplus. Restart outlook in safe mode (Outlook.exe /safe). See if that prompts the Office ProPlus EULA activation pop up window. Accept and restart outlook in normal mode. Some users were 'fixed' this way. 

Your milage may vary - other threads suggest updating to current branch first release, disable plugins, disable hardware acceleration, update Adobe PDF viewer, ect. 

Just to add @Adam Zembrosky, I'd log a service request, if you haven't already, I have heard other reports of this issue and the more evidence Microsoft gets, hopefully, a proper resolution can be found, sooner rather than later.