New Outlook: RSVP CC Option Missing?

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I just flipped the switch to enable the New Outlook and then received some meeting requests.  In responding to an invitation, I can't see how to cc other people (for example, send a copy to my boss or a colleague so they know I will be attending, without having to send a message to all meeting participants). 


Is there a way to do this in the new interface and I'm just not seeing it?  This is standard policy in our company, so if I can't do it I will have to revert to the old version of Outlook.


Thanks in advance.

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@Keokimon - I've had the same issue in testing New Outlook client and OWA for the last year or more. I do hope it is a feature that returns as we use it often. 

@Keokimon@Chris Burnum ,


You are accurate in your observation. The cc field is not available in meeting invites in New Outlook. As a workaround, you can Forward your invite as an attachment. This method prevents the recipient from receiving a meeting invite but has the meeting details.


 I am unsure if your recommended functionality is on Microsoft's radar. I suggest you give Microsoft feedback explaining your workflow so they can better understand how this feature can benefit you and other users. You can provide Microsoft feedback using the Feedback Hub to allow others to vote. Here is the link: 


Additionally, you can use the in-app feedback options by selecting View | Help | Feedback.


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