Message with new message icon even if they are read

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Hi All,

Some users complain that some messages in their mailbox have the new message icon and message have marked as read.

I used MFCMapi.exe and verified that the mailbox that reports this problem, the message has a property call PR_ICON_INDEX and the other doesn’t have this property.
In the post we can see the value of the PR_ICON_INDEX properties and the message with this issues have the value of 0x00000000 and this value does exist in the article.
If I delete this property, the icon disappears.

My question is:

Why this mailbox have different behavior?

Why the property PR_ICON_INDEX of the message have the an unknown value of 0x00000000?



We have Exchange Server 2019 CU14 Mar24SU on-premises, Outlook 2016 and use OWA to access the mailbox.

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