In a merged calendar view, collapse same events from different calendars into one event?

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To see what's going on and be able to plan meetings for our team members, we shared several calendars with each other, to see events where people participate. It helps, but when several people are engaged in the same event, things get clunky:


The magenta outlined rectangles are the exactly same events, but since they are present in each separate calendar, Outlook thoroughly draws them as different events. On the left you can see that because 4 people participate in the same event, you cannot make any detail out of it. In the middle with "architect team" the situation is borderline same.


Is it possible to make Outlook collapse said events into one? It is only 4 people now, and the cluttering is already unbearable.


Or maybe we are doing something wrong, and to see the "overall" meetings landscape we need some other tools?

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