I cannot edit some of contacts

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Tonight I was trying to edit a contact. I opened it first with the People app in Windows 10. It refused to edit it. So then I got into Outlook.com, went to the People link there, to try editing it there. That refused to work as well.


Why is it I cannot edit some contacts, but can others?

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@Rod Falanga I believe it may depend on where the contact is located or came from.  This can be due to the Outlook Social Connector which shows you contacts from social networks.  In my Outlook Desktop installation, for example, People still shows me LinkedIn contacts courtesy of the Social Connector; these I cannot edit in Outlook.  Outlook.com does not show me LinkedIn contacts while Outlook Desktop does, but, If I take one of these LinkedIn contacts from my Desktop and copy it to my Outlook.com contacts, I can see it and use it, but I cannot edit it.  My guess is that the contacts you cannot edit originated from somewhere else.

@Hal Hostetler  your suggestion seems possible. Yesterday I replaced my PC's hard drive and installed Windows 10 back onto it. Then I put on Office, using my Office 365 account. It's entirely possible that Outlook on the desktop, is using the Social Connector. I'm guessing, if it is, that I probably had it set that way previously, with the old installation of Windows.


What I'd like to know is how do I determine if the Social Connector is what's doing this?