How to Delete Attachments from Emails

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How can I delete attachments from emails in the Outlook Mac version?

I could do this on the windows app by right clicking the attachment however I’ve not been able to locate on the Mac version.

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Hi @Olatomiwa,

I assume you are using the new version of Outlook for Mac:
Das neue Outlook für Mac - Microsoft-Support

If you want to continue to use the new version of Outlook for Mac client (which as standard doen't have an option to remove attachemnts), as a workaround, you can try to click reply and change the recipient to yourself to send the message to yourself without the attachment and then, you can download the attachment from the original email and then delete the original message from your inbox.


Since there is an option to remove the attachments in the old version of Outlook for Mac client (see picture 1), you can also switch back to the old version of Outlook for Mac by simply turning off the New Outlook switch (see picture 2): 


Picture 1:



Picture 2:




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@LeonPavesic This worked perfectly. Thank you. .