How do I know email received in Group has been replied to?

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I have an Office 365 Group,, so people outside company can email (enquiries) to.

Let's say multiple sales people in the company are members of this group and receive these emails in their inbox. When one sees an email from info, how do they know that email has already been replied to or not? We don't want people receive multiple replies from our company of course. What's the best practice here?

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The best practice would be to use a shared mailbox, where you actually have access to the Sent items, among all the other functionalities missing from a Group mailbox...

@Vasil Michev I just tested shared mailbox, looks like you can reply to email as yourself or the shared mailbox address. If you want the reply appear in the sent items, you have to reply as shared mailbox, correct? Is it possible to reply as yourself and it appears in the sent items of the shared mailbox?

It doesn't matter who you reply as, messages will be stored in Sent Items. This is a change that was introduced a while back:

@Vasil Michev It only stores in sent items if you send as shared mailbox or on behalf of it. I'm wondering if it's possible to reply as yourself (e.g. and it stores it in the sent items of the shared mailbox.

I like that the add-in automatically adds group email address as BCC when you reply an email.
However, if I want to use this add-in I’ll have to install it on every Outlook app on every desktop and mobile. That’s not ideal.

Anyone knows if it’s possible to achieve this using Microsoft Flow or some PowerShell command?

Hi @sam919,  yes it's possible to do that using MS Flow (but not using PowerShell).

Note that you have to set the flow for each mailbox that can send as/on behalf of the group.


So in my humble opinion we have 2 options:

1) an add-in for Outlook. Pro: it exists . Contra: it can  work only with desktop Outlook for Windows

2) Power Automate (MS Flow). Pro: It will work with any email client. Contra: it doesn't exist - it has to be created.