Gmail less secure apps being locked down

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On May 30, 2022 Google is locking down "less secure apps".

See Google's announcement here:

I'm using Outlook 2019, ad use Gmail via Outlook for 95% of my Email traffic.

I would think Microsoft is aware of this. Will using Outlook require a manual 2FA intervention every time a connection is made with Gmail?


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First, I'm NOT fearful.

Second, I AM seeking evidence or a reasonable response.

All you have provided is a conclusion with no premises, the equivalent of your "feelings" or "beliefs".

Providing useless and inaccurate info is very rude of you.


Inaccurate? Yes, for at least a decade, In all of my gmail account's settings, I have been required to set my Outlook access to "less secure sign-in technology". Soon, even this setting will not be enough.


I do not feel this issue has been appropriately addressed.  I am a Microsoft 365 user who uses Outlook via google for my emails.  I feel that Google is about to shut me down and force me to remove outlook to manage my emails.  What am I supposed to do?  Stop using Outlook????  I've been using it for a very long time.


Need help to resolve this issue.  please


Hi I do not configure mail in this way so I do not have my own examples,

but Outlook is a trusted and certified application and I believe that this does not apply to users of this application.

Since Google is the author of this information, there you need to - ask and explain.

Gmail Technical Support - Should Give a Constructive Response


Less secure apps & your Google Account - Google Account Help

Less Secure Applications - Google Account Help

Google Account Community

Authentication - Google Safety Center

Control access to less secure apps - Google Workspace Admin Help

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Nice copy-paste reply; Effort level noted.
Who are you? What is your authority on this topic?

unless you set 16 digit passwords less secure apps are required 


Hello my name is Stewart Goodin I have worked in the computer industry since 1982 


I am seeing this problem, less secure apps, already cropping up with TELUS accounts.


First Less secure apps is required to be enabled for accessing GMAIL emails from OUTLOOK 2019 

this applies to both IMAP and POP access to GMAIL via OUTLOOK 2019 unless you set 16 digit passwords. 


So please if you are responding to questions take the time to read what people have said before you respond

I am tired of the millennial and the non millennial's attitude of not knowing what you are responding to before you answer.


here is a link to setup a 16 digit password to access your GMAIL account from OUTLOOK 2019 


Sign in with App Passwords - Google Account Help


Here are step by step instructions to accomplish this 


Google Help Center 2-Step Verification > Signing in with 2-Step Verification > Sign in with App Passwords 


Login to GMAIL Account ""

Click on security 

Enable 2 step verification, you will have to have a cell phone or access to some other device. 

Now click on the back arrow, Top Left Center of Screen, 

Having done that now app passwords will appear 

click on app passwords 

click on select app and mail 

click on select device and select windows computer 

click generate and a 16 digit code will appear #### #### #### #### highlight and copy to clipboard

go to Microsoft OUTLOOK and paste that code into your password line, you will be prompted for it,

click on remember and save 

Your outlook will work fine from now on and you will find less secure apps is all ready disabled


I have tested it and it works fine 




Stewart Goodin .PAT 

CEO Stewart IT Services Canada

It is the email program itself that does the authentication with a mail server.
When you setup your email program, it asks a couple questions and setups the email program to connect to an email server.
And you can go back in and tweak these settings.
In Outlook, it is under TOOLS>ACCOUNT-SETTINGS.
Google wants you to use OATH2 authentication.
OAUTH2 is available in some [but not all] versions of Microsoft Outlook:
PRODUCT:         OATUH2 authentication:
Outlook 2007     Not available
Outlook 2010     Not available
Outlook 2013     Yes, but disabled by default.
Outlook 2016     Yes
Outlook 2019     Yes
Outlook 365       Yes

You wrote: "In Outlook, it is under TOOLS>ACCOUNT-SETTINGS"

There is no Tools ribbon, so what do you mean? The backstage i.e. HOME? 
But if one has pop3 as an account where does one set OATH2?

You are a fantastic fellow, thank you this, it works like a dream. Why Google had to replace my 24 character password with a less secure one is any ones guess but hey.
And yes Microsoft please change your attitude in responding.


Thank you for a concise and accurate solution to the Gmail less secure apps issue.  By following your directions, I was able to successfully implement the solution quickly with minimum effort.


It is refreshing to encounter someone who not only writes well but also reads well.

@KevinYork I use Outlook 2010, purchased more than 10 years ago.  Does this mean that it will be impossible to continue using Outlook 2010 with Gmail after May 30, 2022?  Is there any work around? Thanks.

Hi Stewart,
Does this solution also work with Outlook 2010, or will it be impossible for IT-challenged senior citizens such as myself to continue using Outlook 2010 with Gmail after May 30, 2022? I hate upgrades! Is there any work around for Outlook 2010?
thanks, Peter
That's why I came to this forum... I have the same problem and the same question.
'Googling'... I did see mentions of workarounds; but not from anyone I trust.

If we do not find away to add OAUTH2.0 into an old version of Outlook; I'm afraid an upgrade is required.
[and I find the newer versions of MS Office to be both ugly and clunky - functions are moved into dumb & inconvenient sub-menus]


Hi Kevin,  I spent several hours chatting online with an MS tech support agent yesterday.  I think we found a way to get Outlook 2010 to work without Less Secure Apps.  We first created a new Outlook profile from ControlPanel>Mail(32-bit)>ShowProfiles>Add.  We then went to my Google account and turned on 2-Step Verification and then generated a 16-digit App password.  We copied this 16-digit password into the new Outlook Profile (under ControlPanel).  There were lots of steps and I am simplifying; the entire thread is too long to paste into this forum.  After turning on 2-step verification the Less Secure Apps toggle vanished and Outlook 2010 is now opening fine, so I assume Outlook is working without Less Secure Apps being on.  I'll only know for sure after May 30th.  I'll upgrade to Outlook 2021 regardless, but this way I can still use Outlook 2010 if I hate the new interface and cannot figure out how to do things in 2021 that I do easily in 2010 (I'm still traumatized by an Excel upgrade in the early 2000s).

Below is a post-chat summary sent to me by the agent, but I don't know if this summary contains all the necessary information.

all the best,



Hi Peter,

Thanks for contacting Microsoft Customer Service. I'm very glad I get to work with a patience person like you. I already email you the transcript of our chat so you can review it. This email is the steps and helpful troubleshooting you can use for your wife's account in case you lost your copy.


Create a new profile Edit an Outlook profile (

 Gmail server settings: 







Incoming: 993 SSL

Outgoing: 465/SSL and 587/TLS or STARTTLS


Incoming: 995 SSL

Outgoing: 465/SSL and 587/TLS or STARTTLS


Generate app password Add a Gmail account to Outlook (

A helpful resource for you:
Create New Profile > Generate app password > Set the profile as default (Always use this profile)
Make sure you check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication if Port numbers are SSL and TLS/STARTTLS.

If you still need help, contact support referencing the service request under the signature and this link Contact - Microsoft Support Thank you very much for working with me., Have a great day ahead!

Thanks again,

Microsoft Customer Service and Support

Actually there appears to be a much easier way to do this. In my wife's Outlook 2010 account, I turned off Less Secure Apps, turned on 2-Step Verification, generated a 16-digit password, and used this new password in Outlook in place of my previous Gmail/Google password. It seems to work fine. Hopefully it keeps working after May 30th. The steps are as follows:
1. Open Chrome, click on your name/initial in the upper right corner, click Manage your Google Account, select Security, turn off Less Secure Apps, and turn on 2-Step Verification. (Google will ask for your Google password and then send a PIN to your device).
2. After turning on 2-Step Verification, go back to Security and click on App passwords (directly below 2-Step Verification), enter your Google password, select Mail and Windows Computer (under Device -- but I may be skipping over a few steps), and then copy down the 16-digit password generated by Google.
3. Go to Control Panel>Mail>E-mail Accounts> and click on your Gmail account in the E-mail tab. This should open the Internet E-mail Settings window where you can enter the new 16-digit password in place of your previous Gmail/Google password. After entering this new 16-digit password, close Control Panel and check to see if Outlook 2010 opens. It is working fine for us even though Less Secure Apps is turned off.

I don't know who posted the info, but effective today, my Outlook is no longer recognized when attempting to PO Gmail.


GMAIL no longer has the "Allow Less Secure Apps" option, so the problem is permanent.